There is a lot of information to take in when submitting, so please review the Rules and Regulations here (Version Française)

You will need the following information before completing your online submission:

  • Current email addresses, mailing address, province of birth and residence, phone numbers and phonetic spelling for all individuals entered.
  • Contact information for entry
  • Payment information


The Entrant understands and agrees that all fees and costs associated with an Entry must accompany the online submission form after submissions have been vetted by Academy staff. Entries submitted without payment are expected to mail a cheque to the Academy within 7 business days of approval. Entries submitted without payment will be deemed ineligible, and will not be processed. There will be no refunds for entries withdrawn from competition after October 27, 2017 at 12AM.

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD and AMEX. Cheques are also accepted and can be made out to: The Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television, and mailed to: Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television, 49 Ontario St., Suite 501, Toronto, ON, M5A 2V1. Please include a separate page with a list of film(s) title(s), submission ID(s), and amount(s) enclosed with the cheque.

Entry Fees


DISCOVERY AWARD - Films with production costs of less than $250,000*
– Early Bird Entry Fee: $300
– Final Deadline Entry Fee: $360

FEATURE FILM TIER 1 - Films with production costs between $250,000 and $1,250,000
– Early Bird Entry Fee: $600
– Final Deadline Entry Fee: $720

FEATURE FILM TIER 2 - Films with production costs between $1,250,000 and $5,000,000
– Early Bird Entry Fee: $2400
– Final Deadline Entry Fee: $2880

FEATURE FILM TIER 3 - Films with production costs over $5,000,000
– Early Bird Entry Fee $4000
– Final Deadline Entry Fee $4800

*Films must enter into single DISCOVERY AWARD category


Ted Rogers Best Feature Length Documentary
– Early Bird: $600
– Final Deadline: $720

Best Short Documentary
– Early Bird: $100
– Final Deadline: $120

Best Live Action Short Drama
– Early Bird: $100
– Final Deadline: $120

Best Animated Short
– Early Bird: $100
– Final Deadline: $120

Uploading Media

The following files will be required, via secure upload:

  • Digital file of each film entered (uploading instructions will be provided in the next steps)
  • High Definition Trailer (or HD clips drawn from film – 2 minutes in length)
  • On-screen credit list for each film entered (includes Head and Tail credits). (Word or Pdf Document).
  • Letter of confirmation from Distributor AND Exhibitor (OR Festivals, if necessary) of dates and venues of screenings (Word or Pdf Document).
  • Copy of CRTC or CAVCO certification. (Word or Pdf Document.)

You may also be required to upload the following materials, based on category(ies) entered:

  • Performance/Direction: High resolution .jpg headshots of each entered performer AND director (please label headshot clearly in filename).
  • Two-line description of each performer’s role.
  • Supporting / Guest Performance: Cue sheet with time codes outlining performer’s time on-screen. (Word or Pdf Document)
  • Music: Entries are accompanied by a detailed music cue sheet (with needle drop, composer and publisher names, title and duration of cue). (Word or Pdf Document).
  • Mp3 recording of song(s) if Original Song is entered AND lyrics in both official languages.
  • Letter from Songwriter(s) guaranteeing the film contains the first public usage of the entered song(s)
  • Visual Effects: (a) Entries include a three-page description of the VFX work involved. (Word or Pdf Document). (b) A compilation reel including examples of VFX as they appeared in the film, in order of appearance
  • Production Design: Written recommendation from Art Director IF Set Decorator is to be entered.
  • Best First Feature Award: Letter from Director confirming eligibility for Best First Feature Award (Not applicable for shorts and documentary).

Other Issues

Rules and Regulations:

Please be advised that photos / logos / videos submitted will be used for Canadian Screen Awards judging and publicity purposes. Failure to upload the correct information could result in disqualification, and/or being omitted from Canadian Screen Award publicity throughout the year.

The Academy reserves the right to decline and/or omit materials, should they be deemed unacceptable (i.e. low resolution).

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